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Overview of past events in IMA Denmark 2021

February: Webinar "Enhancing your professional presence, influence, and impact as an EA” by Adam Fidler, Speaker and Principal at the Adam Fidler Academy.

March:  Webinar "Let’s talk realistically about plastic" by Christina Busk and Christine Hoeg Hanson from Plastikindustrien.

April: Visit at Naturcenter Hindsgavl. Due to Covid-19 it was a meeting outside where speed dating and picnic were in focus for a network meeting.

April:  Celebrated Administrative Professionals' Day with a webinar with on tips and tricks on how to make good videos of yourself - first and foremost for video applications and job ads. 

June:  Visit at Clay art Museum in Middelfart & Comwell Kongebrogaarden for a guided tour, dinner and networking.

Virtual Cocktail Bar has been a part of our "meetings" to during the Covid-19 lockdown to stay connected. In a few meetings some of our business members also joined to present themselves.

June: Summer meeting at MBK A/S. Speaker Jakob Bøtter gave us tips on where to focus our digital competences in the future - especially if we were his EA!

September: Visit at Moltke Palæ in Copenhagen. Speaker Sarah Ophelia Møss 'Investing for beginners'. 

October:  External event at Odeon in Odense. (postponed several time due to covid-19).  'Create changes with behavioral design' by Morten Münster - the author behind Jytte from Marketing has unfortunately left for today.

November: Half Training Day at Comwell Portside Copenhagen. Talk and workshop about strategic networking by Signe Holste from 'Netværksakademiet'

December: Christmas meeting at Zoku Copenhagen. Speaker Connie Svendsen 'The little extra'.