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  • What's in it for you?

    As a member of IMA Denmark you can participate in our meetings and activities during the year. On top of this, international meetings, seminars and conferences are arranged in one of IMA’s member countries, which are excellent opportunities to meet and get to know colleagues internationally.

    The meetings are organized by our Event & Meeting Group, and they make sure that the topics are relevant to us - either professionally or on a personal level. Often there is a speaker at the meetings. The goal is to make us motivated and inspired and of course easy access to knowledge sharing. 

    Members get access to other members world wide - and you are very welcome to contact each and every one of them, if you need their help or constructive feedback. IMA Denmark also has a forum only for members on social media, for easy access to the nearest members. 

  • No strings attached!

    We don't expect everyone to be at meetings every time - you attend when you have the time and when the subject has your interest. 

    Our network meetings are hosted by hotels, business members or member companies, and are held mainly on Zealand but also in Jutland and Funen. 

  • Business member benefits

    Our business members are companies that have trusted IMA Denmark to enlarge the exposure of their services and contribute to strengthen IMA Denmark community.

    Business members take part in IMA's meetings like all members do, and they join in the discussions and exercises. It is not allowed to sell during meetings. Like all other members they benefit from getting to know other members, it's all about availability.

    There are no strings attached - IMA members are free to work with or not to work with our business members. However, our business members are very likely to be able to give you a good offer - which will benefit both members and business members.

    IMA Denmark Business Members
  • What is the membership fee?

    For Office Management Support Professionals on management and executive level (Professional Member) the yearly membership fee is DKK 2,900. For retired members the fee is DKK 950.  The name-tag costs DKK 150.

    A network meeting is DKK 350-500  and covers catering at the meetings. You only pay for the meetings you attend.  

  • Interested in becoming a member of IMA Denmark?

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  • IMA Denmark National Contacts

    IMA Denmark National Committee members are always at your disposal for queries, comments or suggestions. IMA Denmark aims at supporting all our members and members-to-be to help them grow professionally by a continuous learning program and networking support.

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