Become a professional member of this unique global professional network


You will have access to:

  • an international, professional and personal network
  • lifelong learning and self-development with custom-made training programs
  • conferences and workshops
  • experience exchange with your peers from outside your own industry
  • the latest trends and development of our profession
  • the culture and business life in all the member countries

Yearly membership fees

Professional Member
For Assistants, secretaries and Office Management Support Professionals on management and executive level is DKK 1,900

Discount scheme for members employed at the same company:
1-4 members:
Annual membership fee DKK 1,900 per member
5-9 members:
Annual membership fee DKK 1,500 per member
more than 10 members:
Annual membership fee DKK 1,000 per member

For retired members the fee is DKK 950

Sign-up Fee
Sign-up fee is DKK 300. The on-time sign-up fee 300 DKK covers administrative costs and a personal name tag.

If you become a member after 1 July you pay half the annual fee, and if you become a member after 1 October you pay three month's fee.

If you would like to know more about What a membership of IMA can amount to per. year, please see BELOW.

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If you are a management support professional working on management or executive level with the corresponding diploma or degree or with working experience in our profession, please apply HERE.

Download a onepager (PDF) about IMA Denmark professionel membership HERE.

Membership information

What can a membership of IMA amount to per. year?

The prices mentioned are 2020 prices

Membership fee
Professionel member: 1.900 DKK

Discount if you are more than 5 members from the same company:
1-4 members:
DKK 1.900/per member per year
5-9 members:
DKK 1.500/per member per year
10+ members:
DKK 1.000/per member per year

Network meetings
About 6 meetings per year of 350 DKK.
The fee covers catering at the meetings.

Annual dinner
Our Annual General Meeting is always followed by an annual dinner of 600 DKK
The price may vary slightly. In addition if necessary, transport and accommodation.

Participation in Training Day
Training Day fee (100 Euro): 745 DKK
Training Day dinner (85 Euro): 630 DKK
In addition transport and 1-2 accommodation.

Participation in the Conference
Conference fee (375 Euro): 2.790 DKK
Conference dinner (95 Euro): 715 DKK
Possibly an IMA Denmark dinner: 600 DKK
The price for dinners can vary slightly. In addition transport and 2-3 accommodation.