IMA Amazing Partner

Our partners (business members) are companies that have trusted IMA Denmark to enlarge the exposure of their services and contribute to strenghten IMA Denmark community.

A business members take part in IMA's meetings like all members do, and they join in the discussions and exercises. It is not allowed to sell during meetings. Like all other members they benefit from getting to know other members, it's all about availability.

There are no strings attached - IMA members are free to work with or not to work with our business members. However, our business members are very likely to be able to give you a good offer - which will benefit both members and business members.

Business members also gain access to the members' database, and are four times per year allowed to direct mail our Danish members with good offers etc.

Business members can like other members offer to sponsor meetings - so that we can visit your company and get a better understanding of what you do.

Business members can join work groups like all other members - and we appreciate all the help we can get from our Business Members.

We are very proud to announce the companies who are our business members. Scroll down to learn more about them!